New History, AATS Achieves MURI Record

New History, AATS Achieves MURI Record
Bagus Harianto, producer of AATS and Luthfiah Putri when reciving MURI Record from CEO MURI, Jaya Suprana in Jakarta, recently / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Not many people know if 'Ayu Anak Titipan Surga' (AATS) movie which was due to be aired officially in theaters on January 12, 2017 has gain more than 100,000 spectators. What caused it?

"Demand watch together from schools on the road. That is support of the Head of Jakarta Education Department that provides convenience to be able to convey movement mental revolution through this film," said Bagus Harianto, AATS
producer from Griya Griya Pelopor Budaya production house in Jakarta, recently.

This achievement was rewarded from Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) with a record of
Most Film Spectator Before Officially Aired.

Jaya Suprana as CEO and initiator of MURI said, the achievement from AATS movie is something never done by lot of production

"It's a breakthrough and remarkable achievement. Until now, there no production house reach sales over 100,000 tickets before the movie officially aired on January 12, 2017," said Jaya Suprana after giving MURI record to AATS movie.
New History, AATS Achieves MURI Record
Related ruination audience when film officially aired, Bagus states that's possibility is too small.

"Logically, how much cinema in Indonesia? Many cities in Indonesia doesn't have cinema. Later, we will go to the small towns. The screenings, can be in the hall or school building. We will go ahead ," said Bagus.

Two main
AATS artist, Luthfiyah Putri and Zila Zafila was no less delighted with this MURI record achieved.

"Today is so monumental for me," said Luthfiah Putri,
cast of Ayu.

"Really h
appy today. First time play movies, directly achives prestigious award," said Zila Zafila, cast of Evi.

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