Indonesia Only Should Play with 'Heart'

Indonesia Only Should Play with Heart
Indonesia vs Thailand
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JAKARTA - Only few hours longer Indonesian national team will be facing match in the second leg of AFF 2016 final at Rajamangala Stadium, Thailand. In first half of first leg match, Alfred Riedl squad still seen has not played with 'heart'. In fact, Teerasil Dangda like not too trouble for subjugate Indonesia goalkeeper.

Fortunately, in the second half, an increase pattern of the Boaz Salosa cs game, and Indonesia winning 2-1 through Rizki Pora and Hansamu Yama goals.

In terms of formation, it is not the time to replace the grip, Riedl already established and proven success. 4-2-3-1 likely to remain the mainstay Riedl grip in the second leg later. Balance in defense and attack is core of the game of Riedl, although the last is the main goal.

Indonesia actually only need to steal at least one goal and focus on keeping defense play. The tactic has been proven against Vietnam and Thailand in Pakansari. Indonesia has the potential to do it again for the title.

And then, with Andik Vermansyah injury, who will fill the position of this Selangor player? Then what the formation will be used Riedl in this second leg? The answer is actually very simple, who anyone replacement Andik and any strategy Riedl, the Indonesian national team only should play with the 'heart' and a burning passion.

This following starting line-up which is likely to be lowered Riedl tonight:

Goalkeeper: Kurnia Meiga
Meiga was not replaced in the position of the Indonesian national team goalkeeper. Despite conceding 10 goals during mat AFF Suzuki Cup 2016, Arema Cronous goalkeeper appearance overall quite convincing. Meiga mental also increasingly improved.

Although conceding header Teerasil Dangda, three chances of Thailand squad succesed he blocked. Now, the heavy pressure at Rajamangala be a test for Meiga. In this second leg itself only takes poise to hold all the speed of the ball that led to goal.

Right Defender: Benny Wahyudi
His appearance in first leg looks pretty risky if required to defend and attack. But, Benny had a slick appearance in the second round with a lot of puncture to the Thailand defense.

It needs to be addressed is how to survive Benny is not quiet when pressured barrage of Thailand. Benny often lags behind Thailand players well off the pace of the game or to the foot. Nevertheless, he has a good stamina to play a 90 minutes full. His stamina makes Benny always believed Alfred Riedl.

Central Defender: Hansamu Yama Pratama
'From Zero to Hero' pinned to the players from Barito Putra. Hansamu was under the spotlight since injuring Irfan. But now he gets a positive light, once trust from Riedl paid with outstanding performances. From semifinal against Vietnam, Hansamu showed his class as a top central defender.

In the second leg match, Hansamu required focus in defense. Riedl could have played the game last in order to keep the victory in the first leg. But, Hansamu also be counted on to score goals from seat piece like a corner. It makes Hansamu be secret weapon if Indonesia impasse attack.

Central Defender: Fachrudin Aryanto
Fachrudin very vital position in the back line. Meeting and solid defense he showed in the first leg. Fachrudin disciplined to keep the area from Thailand player. Although sometimes still miss communication with Benny Wahyudi, but he managed to secure a good closing on Teerasil Dangda.
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