Peggy Use Social Media for Create Baznas

Peggy Use Social Media for Create Baznas
Peggy Melati Sukma
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JAKARTA - This artist was appointed as ambassador to Baznas SDG's program. Peggy Melati Sukma tasked to inform and increase public confidence in this institution of zakat.

She was proud of receiving trust and expressed her readiness for the task. One way to take this work through using social media for her message to be received by community more effectively.

"Not in spite deliver communication programs, campaigns that involve social media, whether delivered through the intermediary of the media as well as directly," Peggy said after inauguration ceremony as
Baznas ambassador by the Head of Baznas, Bambang Soedibyo in Jakarta, recently.

For Peggy, the task given from Baznas not alien for her. Therefore, in recent years he has been active in various social activities in various areas.

"Within three years my activity in dakwah movement and doing also intersect with Baznas. We have worked but did not continue. Today pursed into confirmation as ambassador, meant I was given a framework that will built plan in the year forward," she said.

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