Need Early Recommend for Youth Entrepreneurial World

Need Early Recommend for Youth Entrepreneurial World
Director of LLP-KUKM, Zabadi Ahmad with 2016 Indonesia Children's Week Talent participant
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JAKARTA - For introduce entrepreneurship in children and adolescents in early, Smesco Indonesia through Galerie Indonesia WOW hold '2016 Indonesia Children's Week Talent' event.

Director of the Institute of Marketing Services Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (LLP-KUKM) Zabadi Ahmad said, the presence of Smesco Indonesia not just as a showcase for around 2,000 KUKM in Indonesia. But also as a place for people to know the world of entrepreneurship.

"There is a product workshop how the production process, so in general can unlock insights and motivating the young people about KUKM," said Ahmad Zabadi in Jakarta, recently.

By knowing what it KUKM, hoped the people, especially teenagers can generate and grow the KUKM industry in future.

By that way, Indonesia children will have a view of opening a business better than finding a job. So that when they graduate from formal education will be businesses that are ready on the mentally side.

"We hope that they will be interested in becoming entrepreneurs. We will give assistance process. We hope to be born the start up of spirited and independent," said Zabadi.

'2016 Indonesia Children's Week Talent' presents a number of races. Among the photo contest genic, casual batik fashion contest, singing contest, acting competitions / monologue, dance competitions of traditional and modern dance competitions.

"We expect a pleasant atmosphere through this event, they could see the existing ecosystems in KUKM. They could see how the production process of a product and so on," said Zabadi.

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