'Om Telolet Om' Phenomenon, From Village Up to International

Om Telolet Om Phenomenon, From Village Up to International
One children stood on the street carrying a paper board asked driver heard bus horn which sounded like trumpets.
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JEPARA - Still remember the habits of children who were born in the 80s and 90s? If you notice a passing plane, children in the age of 80s and 90s certainly shouted "Planes! Ask for the money! ".

Well today, it is nearly similar to this, many children do in some areas in Central Java and East Java. Bunch of kids who on average are still in elementary school every afternoon stood on the street carrying a paper board.

In board, they wrote
'Om Telolet Om'. They shouted every time a tourist or AKAP bus (Inter City Inter Province) passing. That is, for the driver heard bus horn sounded trumpets crowded tub as if uttering the word 'telolet'.

Even the children hunt these buses to the bus terminal. They are willing to wait for the bus and record it on their phone.
Children's activities, many recorded in videos uploaded on Youtube or Facebook. In the video recorded delight children by the roadside waiting for the current inter city buses honked.
Om Telolet Om Phenomenon, From Village Up to International

Video uploaders
'Om Telolet Om' originally wanted to convey that happiness can come from simple things. Over time, many versions of the video 'Om Telolet Om' that appear and be some jokes.

But shortly afterwards, the phenomenon of
'Om Telolet Om' is increasingly viral on social media. Inevitably it is being copied in various versions. Not only from the inter city buses, there is also a seller of ice cream that is no less intriguing. Some people also make this video with the best version.

In fact, this phenomenon extended to a number of artists in the world. In his Instagram account, DJ Snake, one of
one of the international DJ uploaded status 'Om Telolet Om'. For whatever reason, DJ Snake also slipped comment 'Om Telolet Om' in Donald Trump owned Instagram.

Ridiculous indeed, when Trump upload serious status related victory in the US Presidential Election, DJ Snake even comments like this.

"Telolet Om Om," wrote DJ Snake in the comments field.
Om Telolet Om Phenomenon, From Village Up to International
Not only DJ Snake, this phenomenon also spread to other musicians, call it Yellowclaw, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers until Dillon Francis.

So for those of you who are still confused and wondering what the heck
'Om Telolet Om', now you have the answer. You can try to simply make your life happy, because happiness is very simple. Yeahh.. only by listening horn reads 'Telolet ....'

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