And Ballack Also Struck with 'Om Telolet Om'

And Ballack Also Struck with Om Telolet Om
Michael Ballack and his tweet about 'Om Telolet Om'
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MUNICH - Bus horn fever pitched 'telolet' being viral in Indonesia come into the ears of the former German national team player, Michael Ballack.

As is known, the furor bus horn is actually already happened a few weeks ago, but the repercussions began to resound when netizens from Indonesia 'attack' social media account several prominent figures earlier this week.

In order to get the hooter, some small children are usually willing to wait on the roadside, shouting "telolet om om" addressed to the bus driver. And who would have thought it is now even become viral.

Because so many people talking about it, Ballack who also the former Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich to Chelsea confusion. He also asked his followers about #omteloletom.

"I keep reciving #omteloletom
comments, can someone explain #telolet trend? That all I found on review simple website #indonesia,"  wrote Ballack via his Twitter.

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Maybe Ballack should go to Jepara for see this phenomenon.

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