Shireen Face Became Thematic of Malang Strudel

Shireen Face Became Thematic of Malang Strudel
Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu with Malang Strudel customer
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MALANG - Shireen Sungkar give a sweet gift for the husband Teuku Wisnu. She gifts given Wisnu cake from her own creations named Peach Cheese which made special by Shireen who just celebrated anniversary of 2nd Malang Strudel in Malang, East Java on Tuesday (20/12).

"Wisnu build his business from scratch to develop into six outlets. And I just could not come to Malang at last Malang Carnival. Amazingly, enthusiastic visitors. I am moved. So I immediately thought, to give gifts to Wisnu by adding new flavors and named Peach Cheese," said Shireen on Wednesday (21/12).

Not without reason Shireen made that cakes type. During this time she was very fond of Wisnu cheese strudel wich often brought to house, she also liked the peaches.
"From many variants in Malang Strduel, I most like taste of cheese strudel. These flavors are often brought by Wisnu into the house. If you've been snacking this cake do not want to stop. And I also happened. Therefore combine two flavors that," said Shireen.

The prize was immediately greeted enthusiastically by Wisnu. He immediately enter a new variant which made by his wife into outlet. Even Wisnu immediately launched a new variant Peach Cheese in Shireen Sungkar thematic with a pink box.

"I am very happy. This also special birthday gift for 2nd Malang Strduel. And I was with friends instantly make Peach Cheese with special shapes. Pink box and a picture of Shireen with more girly concept. In contrast to Malang Strudel box or packaging that has been colored green," said Wisnu.

Viewed Malang Strudel outlet evolving and enthusiastic visitors were superb, Shireen hope Wisnu and his business partners can continue to keep well and developed again.

"Hopefully my cake creations favored by the local and foreign tourists. And I prayed that my husband's business continued to develop well," Shireen prayer.

At two years, Malang Strudel be a gift that is very popular for local and foreign tourists who visit Malang. Even people willing to queue up outside outlets to get their favorite cake.

"We continue to make improvements. We want to provide comfort to consumers and Malang Strudel lovers. Therefore we expand our first outlet in Singosari and other woods opened five outlets in the city of Malang," explains Wisnu.

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