This One More Indonesian Rising Star Player

This One More Indonesian Rising Star Player
Jordy Tutuarima / Getty Images
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AMSTERDAM - Performance Stefano Lilipaly in Indonesia national team at 2016 AFF Cup not too disappointing. Naturalized player who playing at SC Telstar, Netherlands is a little give new color for the national team midfield.

And in fact, there is a player of Indonesian descent are also at SC Telstar. Players also surnamed Ambon and colleagues
Lilipaly enter the squad in SC Telstar at two seasons in defender position.

He was Jordy Tutuarima. 23 year old player strengthen
Juliana'31 club before now anchored to SC Telstar.

As reported, at a young age, Jordy entrusted to SC Telstar in order to increase their ability to compete in Dutch League. Has appeared in 18 games this season, his career is not smooth player, a few years ago he had suffered a knee injury.

"Now I am studying and investing to improve the game," said Jordy.

It's not impossible in the next three years Jordy is able to penetrate Eredevisie (Netherlands
Premier League).

Currently, he is listed a Dutch passport holders. Jordy had defended the Dutch U-17 national team in an event that was followed four countries, namely Czech Republic, Georgia and Ukraine.

Although defend the Dutch national team, he has never been a place in the senior national team. Therefore, it's possible if Jordy will follow in the footsteps of his colleagues, Stefano Lilipaly strengthen the Red and White squad.

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