Now, Let's Happy with Merger of 'Mannequin, Bus Challenge and Om Telolet Om'

Now, Lets Happy with Merger of Mannequin, Bus Challenge and Om Telolet Om
A merger phenomenon between Mannequin Challenge, Bus Challenge and Om Telolet Om
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JAKARTA - Various ways can make us happy. Not necessarily with anything fancy or difficult to grasp. Capitalized by creativity and simple things, we also can be happy.

After phenomenon of 'Om Telolet Om' which became viral and worldwide, began to appear again a merger phenomenon between Mannequin Challenge, Bus Challenge and Om Telolet Om, and again became viral in cyberspace these days.

First is Mannequin Challenge. This is a form of challenge to the netizen to record the scene of a group of people with various sculpting poses (such as visual sculpture/mannequin) for 30-60 seconds.

While still cameras recording pose sculpting, playing musical accompaniment. Music noise commonly become Mannequin Challenge background is Black Beatles hosted by Rae Sremmurd.

Next is Bus Challenge. This challenge invites anyone to create a short video about the replica of the atmosphere inside the cabin the night bus. Complete with scenes of the driver, conductor, passenger, and hawkers.

And lastly of course being so recent viral namely 'Om Telolet Om'.

If the challenge Mannequin Challenge come from overseas, then Bus Challenge and Om Telolet Om native of Indonesia. Bus Challenge and Om Telolet Om is the fruit of the people of Indonesia creativity who make simple things around into a fun entertainment.

This creativity even further to such a level. As did this group of employees with their cleverly combining the three challenges earlier. This action received a warm response from netizens. Even some well-known account enliven the retweet and comment.

Nowadays, it's about 1800 account retweeted this post. After some search, it turns out this action carried out by a number of employees of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), which on the sidelines of the bustle of his office took the time to enliven this challenge.

Until reposted and discussed in the Instagram @FaktanyaGoogle ( and has been viewed more than 450,000 times and 3,000 comments from netizens.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with this. In the midst of frenetic political, false news and the busyness that hit, netizens as finding an oasis in the barren desert through the Mannequin Challenge, Bus Challenge, and Om Telolet Om phenomenon.

For the moment, social media becomes a pleasant place again after a late more filled with hatred and strife endlessly.

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