See Next Level Underwater-Waves Villas

See Next Level Underwater-Waves Villas
The Floating Seahorse villas take the houseboat concept to the next level
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DUBAI - From the Burj Khalifa to the Infinity Tower, Dubai is famous for its astonishing architecture. But the city's most innovative structures yet aren't reaching for the sky -- they're diving into the ocean.
Originally introduced at the Dubai International Boat Show in 2015, the Floating Seahorse villas are unlike anything you've seen.

For starters, the villas float like anchored boats -- albeit without listing from side to side. And each three-story retreat features an entire floor submerged beneath the sea, with two enormous windows -- each measuring 269 square-feet (25 square-meters) -- that provide front-row seats to marine life.
See Next Level Underwater-Waves Villas
"This is an original idea, to have a boat villa with a submerged floor where you can experience the feeling of stepping down into the master bedroom, be in contact directly with the walls, and see the reef, the marine life all around you -- you're surrounded by it," says the project's architect, Gianfranco Rasile.

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has revealed plans for a series of underwater eco-villages that can house up to 20,000 people in the future.
See Next Level Underwater-Waves Villas
Seawater would be desalinated for drinking, microalgae would recycle organic waste, and light would be provided through bioluminescence.

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