2017, Nico Rosberg Retired!!

2017, Nico Rosberg Retired!!
Nico Rosberg
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BERLIN - The seasonal adage definitely applies to Formula One (F1) world champion, Nico Rosberg. When the F1 season begins in March, the German racer won't be pressing the pedal to the metal, instead he'll have his feet up.

"I'm just going to be at home, sitting on a couch, watching TV," Rosberg told CNN after announcing his shock retirement in December.

"That's going to be strange! I'll be excited to see the new cars and the battles. I'll definitely be following," he said.

Under a new set of technical regulations for 2017, the fastest racing cars in the world are about to get even quicker with a wider chassis, fatter tires and higher cornering speeds.

But Rosberg is plotting a bit of rest and recuperation in his New Year resolutions after a grueling year wrestling the world title from his Mercedes rival, Lewis Hamilton.

After losing the championship to Hamilton in 2014 and 2015, the German claimed the title by five points at the final race of 2016 in Abu Dhabi and then retired five days later.

"The pressure and the intensity were unbelievable. There were some really hard moments along the way,"  Rosberg explains.

"To lose to Lewis in the two championships prior to this year was very, very tough. It's really not easy to handle. Even when I crossed the line (in Abu Dhabi). It was the first time that had ever happened. It was so intense internally," he explains again.

Mercedes managed to keep a lid on boiling tensions between their dueling drivers throughout the rollercoaster season.

Hamilton's frustrations did boil over when his engine blew up when he was leading the Malaysia Grand Prix.

"Someone doesn't want me to win this year," he complained to reporters.

Rosberg maintained a mantra of taking one race at a time and credits his incredible season-long focus on careful mind management.

"For me the right direction was always to stay in the moment and not get caught up in these desires and dreams. I've been working on that with a mental trainer, with meditation and things like that, just to find that direction and to stay in the present," he reveals.
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