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Not Present in Pulau Seribu, Ahok Questioned Prosecutor Witness

Not Present in Pulau Seribu, Ahok Questioned Prosecutor Witness
Ahok court in auditorium of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/1) / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Incumbent governor who is also accused of alleged blasphemy, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) questioning the validity of a witness and the video playback is considered an insult to blasphemy. Ahok rate, video playback reporting culminate not full.

All (video) is 1 hour 30 minutes, why only 13 seconds played," complained Ahok to reporters in the auditorium of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta on Tuesday (3/1).

At this fourth session court, Ahok also questioned credibility of witnesses
which presented by Public Prosecutor (JPU). Because, all the witnesses which presented not hear his direct statements in Pulau Seribu.

"We will look for evidence that person
who called Habib Novel in Pulau Seribu and up false testimony. If it is revealed, then he should be in jail," said Ahok.

Agenda of this session is listening witnesses from prosecutor. There were five people present. Here the figure of the reporting witness of the prosecutor in
Ahok court:

1.Novel Chaidir Hasan
Novel is Secretary General
Jakarta Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). In the past he often called Habib Novel. But in 2014, the Organization registrar descendant of the Prophet Muhammad in Indonesia, Rabithah Alawiyah, has insisted that Novel Bamukmin is not a descendant of the Prophet (sayyid).

2014 Novel also been a fugitive suspect in a case of resisting the protests led to violent Ahok. Novel charged with about incitement, destruction of goods together, and fight the officer. Novel also reported Ahok on personal names as a cleric, a religious leader, not as FPI. For the same case, Novel Bamukmin Ahok also sued civilly. Demands, Ahok pay damages of Rp 204 million.

2. Gus Joy Setiawan
Gus Joy Setiawan, ever tried to run for Governor of Jakarta. Men
who born in Surabaya have never participated in the election of Jakarta governor candidate in the PDI-P.

Gus Joy is also the chairman of the People's Advocacy Coalition, who had declared support to partner Agus H
arimurti Yudhoyono-Sylviana Murni. Gus Joy recently also actively establish Sharia Advocates Association, and served as President of the Islamic Advocate

3. M Burhanuddin
Burhanuddin is an advocate, who was lawyer of Farhat Abbas when a pre-trial case feud with Ahmad Dhani. He also had been a lawyer of Putu Sudiartana, member of Parliament from the Democratic Party
which arrested by KPK for bribery case.

4. Muchsin alias Habib Muchsin
Habib Muchsin is a former Chairman of FPI

5. Syamsu Hilal
Syamsu Chaniago Hilal is the Chairman of the Forum of Religious Anti-Defamation League (FAPA)