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2017, PNM Sharpen Micro Enterprises Assistance

2017, PNM Sharpen Micro Enterprises Assistance
PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) Persero office
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JAKARTA - 2017, PNM Sharpen Micro Enterprises AssistanceAt the end of 2016, PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) Persero see Mekaar (Membina Ekonomi Keluarga Sejahtera) program became one of the excellent product after ULaMM in the microfinance sector.

Mekaar program which is the only product financing of state property targeting the sector of micro businesses reserved for productive underprivileged housewives is starting a project in January 2016 with just two branches with two business areas in Cilincing, North Jakarta and Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

Due to the persistence and commitment of PNM, until the end of December 2016 Mekaar had 372 branches that includes the 1,244 district throughout service to remote villages in Indonesia.

President Director of PT PNM, Parman Nataatmadja said, in 2017 company's strategy is the strengthening of services agency network that currently has 1,110 service offices to 1,800 service offices.

Expansion of services agency network, clearly Parman, based on the network points which refers to the potential of each region. Aside from the extension service offices, strengthened also from IT systems and competent human resources in the field of funding and support for micro enterprises.

"It has been conveyed to the Minister of SOE's," said Parman.
2017, PNM Sharpen Micro Enterprises Assistance
Parman added, in terms of operational performance, throughout 2016 PNM has channeled financing to the SME sector to Rp 5.45 trillion. The amount 1.5 percent higher than the target set at the beginning of 2016 which was only Rp 5.37 trillion.

While the achievement of corporate profits grew 13.7 percent in 2015 from Rp 64.2 billion to Rp 73 billion in 2016. To achieve PNM assets reached Rp 7.4 trillion in 2016, or jumped 23 percent from 2015 to the value of equity in 2016 was Rp 1.78 trillion, up of equity positions per December 31, 2015 which was only Rp 1.72 trillion.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of operation until the end of December 2016, ULaMM program has disbursed loans amounting Rp 26.02 trillion to 4,083,331 MSEs.

In addition to financing activities, PNM also consistently perform activities Management Services is known as the Business Capacity Development Program (PKU).

In addition to the form of training and business assistance, PKU Program is divided into two main activities such as clustering and clustering Territories and Industry Sectoral UMK.

Cluster development is expected to be one of the acceleration supporters local economic activity, as well as being a model for local government medium in shaping and developing the SMEs in the region.

In 2016, PKU Program has successfully implemented a total training for MSEs as many as 658 training involving 25,800 offenders Micro and Small Business customers ULaMM PNM. Subsequently in 2017, the company is aiming for an increase in the number of training up to 850 involving 35,000 entrepreneurs.