See The Reason of This Singer Still Single in 2017

See The Reason of This Singer Still Single in 2017
Neng Oshin
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JAKARTA - This dangdut singer just celebrated her 23rd anniversary. And singer of 'Cucok Deh Kamu' is also realized she had grown up. However, despite already well established and being mature, she claimed not ready to release the bachelor status.

"I want help my family first, make happy my parents and educated younger siblings, after that I dont think how of their future," said singer whose had real name Neng Lia Amanda in Jakarta, Wednesday (4/1)

Environment Ambassador in 2016 said today she lives alone because of busy careers entertainment world that has not had a mind for courtship.

"I rarely hang out, rarely socialize, so a bit hard to get a boyfriend," said Neng Oshin.

About who her companion, she claimed to have specific criteria.

"My husband should same religion, have a mature mind, the age is also more than, responsible, loyal, affectionate, well established, bachelors or widowers does not matter," said the singer of song 'Duyeh'.

Singer who born in Sukabumi, West Java, December 28, 1992 is also hoping her career in the entertainment can develop well.

"Hopefully, the more successful career, more fortune, blessing and became the artist known for achievements," said Neng Oshin.

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