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Police Called Novel Dossier Has No Correction

Police Called Novel Dossier Has No Correction
Police Called Novel Dossier Has No Correction
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JAKARTA - Fast food restaurant, Pizza Hut become trending topic cause in the dossier (BAP) Secretary-General of FPI Jakarta, Novel Chaidir Bamukmin Hasan, this US based pizza restaurant was turned into 'Fitsa Hats'.

Police Headquarters said, wrote of 'Fitsa Hats' like contained in the dossier was not fault of police investigators.

According to Director General Crime of Criminal Investigation, Brig Gen Agus Andrianto, when completion of the dossier, Novel given the opportunity to examine back.

"That's not the fault of the investigator. After the dossier typed, investigator asked concerned re-read. If concerned is not corrected, investigators did not dare to change," said Agus in Jakarta, Wednesday (4/12).

Agus explained, in a re-examination of the dossier, Novel had a chance to correct words or sentences if found to be appropriate. If no, then the next dossier signed and declared finished.

"The dossier finished, the concerned requested corrections. He should re-read," said Agus Andrianto.

However, Agus is not to assess blame in Novel. He only mentions in this case, Novel less scrupulous.

"I did not say this (Novel) is wrong. He's read again, it means already fully understood," he said.

"Investigators will not change who he is not a correction. And when it's signed, the investigator should not change," he explained.