33 Inmates at Brazil Prison Died in Bloodbath

33 Inmates at Brazil Prison Died in Bloodbath
The Agricola de Monte Cristo Penitentiary (inzet: A huge pile of corpses was pictured in a corridor inside the prison)
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RIO DE JANEIRO - At least 33 inmates have been killed in a prison riot in Brazil - just five days after 56 were killed in a prison massacre. The latest violence erupted in Roraima state's largest penitentiary today, and horrific pictures have emerged from inside the building.

There had been warnings of further violence following the massacre five days ago, which saw members of one drug gang butcher inmates from a rival group.

Special forces were deployed to the prison on the outskirts of Boa Vista after violent clashes between members of rival gangs in the jail.

The facility is chronically overcrowded with 1,475 prisoners in cells meant for just 750 inmates. Horrific pictures have emerged from within the prison, where at least 33 inmates have been killed. The horrific pictures show mulitated inmates.
33 Inmates at Brazil Prison Died in Bloodbath
Newspaper Folha de S Paulo reports that the latest killings are believed to be in response to the violence, with authorities reportedly blaming northern rebel group the Familia do Norte (FDN). And Jornal O Globo claims that many of the dead were beheaded today.

More than half of those killed were beheaded, and many more were dismembered in the horrific clashes. The disturbance is believed to be a reaction to the uprising and death of 56 people at another high-security prison in Manaus, in the neighbouring Amazonas state, on Saturday night.

Rioters at the Anisio Jobin jail threw bodies out of windows during the violence, while most of those dead had been beheaded and some were burned alive, coroners later revealed.

This week's death toll in Manaus was the worse prison massacre since 1992, when 111 prisoners were killed after police stormed the Candiru penitenciary in Sao Paulo, shooting dead 102 inmates.

Last year there were 379 violent deaths, including murders and suicides, in Brazilian prisons, or around one death per day.

Relatives of prisoners hide their identities as they wait to know the names of inmates who died in the prison riots five days ago. Many of those slain were beheaded or dismembered.

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