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Powered Hair Trend, The Kribo More Optimistic

Powered Hair Trend, The Kribo More Optimistic
Edi Brokoli with The Kribo at 'Ada-ada Saja' talkshow on Global TV
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JAKARTA - Predictable, frizzy hair trend going emerged again in 2017. This is one makes The Kribo optimistic, they appearance will be focus.

Gait of band which fronted by Rio (vocal), Jamal (bass), Yugo (rythem), Wendi (guitar), and Faisal (drum) is indeed getting busy. Start from off air until on air
schedule. Lastly, The Kribo invited at talkshow 'Ada-ada Saja' (Global TV). This event is currently discussing a frizzy hair trends could potentially become a new trend in 2017.

"I often see and meet young man hair contrived frizzy. It's amazing. And The Kribo could become new icon in order to continue the trend of frizzy hair ever popular in the past," said Edi Broccoli, artists which have frizzy hair who was also present with The Kribo at that talkshow.

Of course at this event, The Kribo not forget to sing 'Demam Telolet'. This song which
works by Betawi musicians, Hizrah Bacan also aired in number of Indonesian radio.

"We remain consistent in pop track to tell this telolet fever in the community. Hopefully this consistency will produce the best results in the future," said Rio, The Kribo vocalist.
He added, The Kribo still feel comfortable with pop songs are hilarious and fresh to enjoy the country music lovers.

"Let also be reliever tense for society," he said.