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This Netizen 'Spicy' Comments About Trade Minister Solution

This Netizen Spicy Comments About Trade Minister Solution
Chili at traditional market
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JAKARTA - Already a week, chili pepper prices 'spicy' and makes people uneasy passable. In some regions, chili price jumped to more than Rp200,000/kg. In Jakarta, the price has reached Rp90,000/kg.

And for respond increase of chili
price, Trade Minister (Mendag), Enggartiasto Lukita lightly providing solutions. The solution which offered is to plant chilies themselves in their homes.

Suddenly this solution make crowded commented from
nitizen. Various expressions ranging from laughing, sad, melancholy, furious and angry for response this trade minister solution.

Here are a few
nitizen comments that try collected:

1. Planting peppers and tomatoes in pots already 4 months of no results, when we cooking?

2. C
hilli price rise, planting chilli at home. Rice price rise, planting rice at home. Onion prices rise, planting onions at home.  Beef price goes up, maintain cows at home. Chicken price rise, maintain chicken at home. This is a house, gardens, fields, or farms. So where we sleep? You think my land like golf course? For sleep we gets skewed mattress.

4. Logic think and new sounds now. Then if the rice is expensive, we to be planted as well.

4. It could later, capital town filled with pepper and rice...

If finally people also looking solutions themselves, why should be a representative and government? Then. if eggs price rise, how should be? Do people also told to maintain the chicken or the people told to spawn..hihihi ...

6. Loss the people hired this person, paid of millions just planting chilli produce solutions respectively.. why have a leader if
tell chili planting...granny knew then ....

7. Pity, I have not had a house.. So plant in where? Perhaps planting in the sky... ha ha ha ha ha

As is known, Trade Minister, Enggartiasto Lukita face soaring price of chili urged people to plant themselves in the yard of his home and switch to eating dried chillies.

"Planting chili
itself, we have a solution that is not scientific. If you want dried chillies. In countries with four seasons have started with dry chili, but we are accustomed to eat tofu with chilli. If you use dried chili not good taste. It's just a habit," he said.