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Let's See The '2017 Financial Resolution for Employees'

Lets See The 2017 Financial Resolution for Employees
Financial resulution goals illustrated (inzet: Agus Sudiyar Tanjung)
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JAKARTA - Resolution, the word often heard in our ears even decorate mass media. A wide assortment of resolutions that proclaimed everyone of course, not least with financial resolutions. Are you ready to make financial resolutions in 2017?

For employees, every turn of the year would be followed by the salary adjustment. In accordance with the standards set by each local authority, or that we are familiar with the Minimum Wages District/City (UMK).

But do not be happy first, salary increases will not immediately change our lives better. All depends on the pattern of spending money that we do. The trend is happening, people who are just getting additional revenue growth, usually will change your lifestyle and spending patterns. As a result the salary increase will not take effect, especially for the preparation of its future.

Receive regular monthly salary not guarantees our financial we'll be safe until the end of the month. Let alone the end of the month, sometimes entering 10th or 15th course we've been struggling.

There is also find friends kind, not arrogant and diligent saving. But we want to live like that all the time? No way, the life must be progress each year, must go forward with a dynamic rather than retreat.

Well for that, it's time for our employees to realize the financial resolution in 2017. How the changes, create a minimum of ourselves and our families. It is time we learned to be smart employees in the manage finances.
Lets See The 2017 Financial Resolution for Employees

Here, consider some tricks that can be done to manage the money from the salary routinely accepted version of the Independent Financial planne also Inspirator Motofinance Optimizer, Agus Sudiyar Tanjung which summarized in 'Financial Resolution 2017 for Employees'

1. Set the salary expenditure by the pattern 40: 30: 20: 10
There is no standard as we prepare financial patterns, but at least we have a standard that can be used as guidelines. Any salary that we receive will never be enough if we do not set it up properly and patterned. Pattern 40: 30: 20: 10 In the above, we divide our salary to:

a. 40 percent is used for living expenses and expenditures. Make a note of our regular expenses and make it as a benchmark for spending. So there will not be spending that are sudden and not recorded.

b. 30 percent is used to pay the mortgage, savings and the establishment of an emergency fund. Make sure that the mortgage (if any), must be paid before the due date so as not to add to the cost of interest. Set aside for savings, although small in value but if we do continually be great too eventually. And do not forget to set up an emergency fund, because any time there certainly unexpected expenses.

c. 20 percent used to social fund. Usual for alms, charity, entertainment and recreation. Because life is not always have to think for myself anyway, with the share we will be happier and we will continue to feel rich. Don't forget to make time for recreation in order to live a more balanced.

d. 10 percent is used for investment. Invest early and continuous. Don't look at how much value we invest, but with discipline and sustainable, you will see the results of it will be an amazing investment in time. Now many investment products that we can do with minimal funds. Remember don't be put off investment, will be sorry. Life is not for now, but be prepared for the future.

2. Do not be tempted by the trends and brands
Recency is fine, but look around the contents of the bag should not be unbalanced budgeting. Moreover, until the debt is to not die style. Rest assured lifestyle that follows the trends and always want the brand will make wasteful. Take control of ourselves and do not be tempted by the left and right. Smart employee will focus on financial goals. Do not be tempted to trends that character for a moment. Moreover, to the credit card used as an escape.
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