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See Jaya Connect, Jakarta Entrepreneur Digitalization

See Jaya Connect, Jakarta Entrepreneur Digitalization
Afifuddin Kalla
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JAKARTA -  Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jakarta (Hipmi Jaya) congress would soon be implemented. Precisely on January 16, 2017 in conjunction with the Musda Jaya XVI. A number of candidates looks ranging show of force through various program.

One of them is the chairman of BPC Hipmi Jaya, East Jakarta, Afifuddin Kalla. Touted as a strong candidate in the election of the exchange Chairman of Hipmi Jaya period 2017-2020, Afi supported by many elements, including the former chairman of Hipmi Jaya.

Additionally, Afif is seen as the candidate most prepared for good background.

"We are not without definitely reason or basis see a trend of Afi superior. In addition to support many elements, programs ahead strongly in favor of progress Hipmi Jaya," said one Afifuddin Kalla's campaign team, David Rahardja at Jakarta, Monday (9/1) ,

One featured of Afi program, said David, the idea of Jaya Connect program which very appropriate in this digital era.

"The vision and mission of leadership Afi Kalla also indispensable in order to promote and maintain Hipmi Jaya. Afi also are people who are very responsible with what he did," he said.

In addition, said David, Afi also has an extensive network, both as entrepreneurs and leaders of several large companies, as well as when running role as chairman of BPC Hipmi East Jakarta.
"My hope for the future along with Afi, Hipmi Jaya can be more synergy with government programs and also strengthen the synergy between entrepreneurs," said David.