Uppsss.. In This Regency Chili Price Only Three Thousand Rupiah

Uppsss.. In This Regency Chili Price Only Three Thousand Rupiah
Yusuf, one of chili farmer at Bone District
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BONE - When price of chili towered over all Indonesia region, the opposite occurred happened in Panyili village, Palakka District, Bone regency, South Sulawesi. The price of chili only Rp3,000 per kilogram.

Why it's so cheap? The reason is not because of the abundant stock of chilli in th
at village, but the farmers 'slam' prices for fear the harvest rot and did not sell.

Yusuf (45), a local farmer, said the fall in prices due to poor quality of chili. Quality chillies harvested many rotting due to rain down as chilies began to swell. Thus causing a lot of chili rotten and could not be harvested,
and this condition was eventually exploited by middlemen.

"There are middlemen who entered and the price set only Rp3,000. If it is not sold, we were worried was broken and did not sell, so we are forced to sell them," said Yusuf, Monday (9/1).

Due to less
harvest and price of chili is cheap, Yusuf had much losers. His income eroded up to Rp 4 million when harvest time. Whereas before, during harvest, he can earn up to Rp20 million.

Meanwhile, R
api (50), another farmer from Panyili village get a higher price when carrying his chili  to market. There, he said, traders bid Rp5,000 per kilogram for great chili.

"There are going to buy Rp5,000 per kilogram but delivered to the market," he said.

Such conditions it is inversely proportional to data from the
Trade Department of Bone regency. According to the Head of Trade Bone regency, Muliati, price of chili is sold in the market reached Rp55.000 per kilogram, up from 50,000 per kg in the last week.

"From price monitoring in Palakka
Central Market and other traditional markets, the fresh chili price was once 50,000 and riise to Rp55.000 per kilogram. So also with other types of chili which rise an average of 10 percent," said Muliati.

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