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Against Intolerance with Humanism and Pluralism

Against Intolerance with Humanism and Pluralism
President Jokowi with Yenny Wahid
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JOMBANG - Actualization of KH Abdurrahman Wahid teachings has a very important meaning to the nation. Moreover, in the continued life of nation is divided because of SARA, strengthening of religious intolerance, diversity began disturbed, homeland threatened because of the radicalization of religious affinity, mutual slander and blasphemy set political differences.

"That's why, the mind and the great idea of Gus Dur on humanism and pluralism need to be developed in the life of society and the nation," said Director of Wahid Institute, Yenny Wahid on the sidelines KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) Haul in Pesantren Tebu Ireng, Jombang, recently.

Peace thought of Gus Dur, further Yenny has also been submitted by President Jokowi in Gus Dur Haul in Ciganjur, last December.

At that moment, Jokowi said Gus Dur always be an inspiration to the world community, that Islam teaches brotherhood and live in peace and not to divide the unity of the people.

In some Gus Dur Haul as in Tebu Ireng and earlier in Jember, Yenny deliberately quoted President Jokowi and forward messages to the people.

"President Jokowi reminded, that Gus Dur always calling on moderate Islam, respect for pluralism and Islam is messenger of peace," said Yenny.

On the occasion at Tebu
Ireng, Yenny as well as invite pilgrims present to pray for former Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), KH Hasyim Muzadi who undergoing treatment in hospital at Malang.

"Let us pray together, in order that he be given a cure, awarded longevity blessing to always maintain the integrity of this republic," invite Yenny.

Yenny vividly recall two principles had commanded Gus Dur to his children. The two principles, the first is honesty. By always honest attitude, humans will be calm in the face of the turmoil of life.

"For example there are defamatory through medsos or news 'hoax' will be dealt with easily. Ah, this is not true," she said.

The second principle, is to always be gentle to anyone. No matter the differences in religion, race or belief. According to Gus Dur, the human abode difference.

Because of that, then do not make a difference as an obstacle.

"It is also inseparable from the teachings of Islam in preaching, which calls to approach those who are not believers with gentleness," said Yenny.