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They're Not Lazy, Only No Access to Capital

Theyre Not Lazy, Only No Access to Capital
Tubagus Choesni and Parman Nataatmadja when reviewing the fish processing at Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Tuesday (10/1)
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JAKARTA - In order to directly view customer target that had been scouted, PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) received a visit from Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture (PMK).

"We want to see what the PNM through in Mekaar program. It turned out that what was done is very meaningful for micro businesses. They are not lazy people, just do not have access to capital," said Deputy Coordinating of Poverty Reduction and Social Protection, Ministry Coordinator of PMK,
Tubagus Choesni at Kampung Nelayan, Kalibaru, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Tuesday (10/1).

According to him, PNM as non-bank financial institutions have a special role in addressing the challenges faced by MSEs, particularly with regard to access to financing, marketing and financial management.

"Usually it's a small micro businesses are not unbankable administration
yet. The significance of each group is honestly, hard work and joint responsibility. PNM can provide credit facilities without grace, and grace only by discipline group," he said.
Theyre Not Lazy, Only No Access to Capital
President Director of PT PNM, Parman Nataatmadja added, Cilincing is the location of the initial formation Mekaar program for housewives underprivileged.

"Currently our customers in Kalibaru reaches 1,000 customers and 4,000 customers in Cilincing," said Parman

He continued, not only that the loan is provided PNM is also accompanied by an intense business mentoring. The initial loan in the program itself Rp2 million and could increase amount up to a maximum Rp5 million. The repayment period of the loan for 25-50 days.

"But after reaching the maximum loan amount of Rp5 million, customers can no longer apply for loans Mekaar program. For that, PNM has advanced a loan program called Micro Capital Services Unit or ULaaM.