OJK Set Rey Utami Husband Company Illegal

OJK Set Rey Utami Husband Company Illegal
Pablo Putra Benua (inzet: Pablo and Rey Utami)
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JAKARTA - Still remember name of Pablo Putra Benua, businessman who married presenter and stand-up comedian, Rey Utami after seven days of their introduction through search applications mate, Tinder?

Their marriage had become a byword because Pablo directly make Rey to knees with a gift of luxury goods such as
Honda HRV car and Rolex watches studded with diamonds and pearls worth Rp300 million.

Not only that, after getting married on July 23, 2016 at a hotel in Depok, West Java, revealed if the contents of the
Rey passbook amount multibillion rupiah. So, who exactly Pablo, and what its business to 'flushed' Rey with a maelstrom of treasure?

According to Rey, her husband doing business in various fields and one of them is the automotive sector.

"My husband businessis automotive credit company," Rey said some time ago.

However, on Wednesday (11/1), the
Investment Alert Task Force from Financial Services Authority (OJK) revealed, PT Inti Benua Indonesia, led by Pablo Putra Benua which located at M. Yusuf I road Kav. 38A Sukmajaya, Depok, West Java, including in six investment companies are not licensed and must cease its activities.

OJK seem, the business activities conducted by PT Inti Benua Indonesia namely HGP program that has been running since 2011 in Medan through PT Inti Benua Solusindo is illegal and must have a permit.

"Activities undertaken by PT Inti Benua Indonesia is an activity that resembles the financing institutions so that the required permission to perform these activities," said the Chairman of
Investment Alert Task Force OJK, Tongam L Tobing in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/1).

Explained further, PT Inti Benua Indonesia has a system called IBIS54 PRO, HGP
program  with the only cost down payment (DP) for 54 percent of the price on the road (OTR) and consumers can use the motor or car without the monthly installments, without paying taxes and insurance remain.

Prospective customers who want to have a vehicle, must pay
first the administration fee, Rp5 million for cars and for motorcycle Rp750,000, then fill the reservation form unit and completeness of personal data.

Then, prospective customers must pay a deposit of 54 percent of the price of the desired OTR vehicles as well as signing a contract HGP IBIS. Each year will have to pay a deposit, for cars by 10 percent and by 15 percent for the motor maximum time period given once did a three-year contract.

At the end of the three-year contract, the car returned and the deposit funds are returned but reduced by 10 percent. But for motorcycles, motorcycle refundable and refundable deposit funds but cut 15 percent or become the property by adding a cost of 15 percent.
OJK Set Rey Utami Husband Company Illegal
OJK and Investment Task Force Alert appealed to the public before making the investment to do things like making sure companies that offer these investments have a business license from the competent authority.

"Then make sure that the parties offering investment products, has a license to offer investment products or partner registered as a marketer," said Tongam.
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