Here's How Anna Mariana Popularized Indonesia Fabric

Heres How Anna Mariana Popularized Indonesia Fabric
Anna Mariana with Ical Majene
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JAKARTA - There is different from appearance of three artists graduated from Dangdut Academy (DA) event Indosiar. Ical Majene (Champion of DA3), Evie Masamba (Champion of DA2) and Rani (Champion DA3) appear so elegant and graceful with a cast of ethnic ornament Balinese songket while performing in Konser Raya 22 Indosiar.

That clothing designed by Anna Mariana who was making the third show with different ethnic nuances.
For the costumes worn by Ical, Anna made man from Majene
black spring coat dress with Balinese songket material.

"I deliberately chose a black costume with white ornaments because Ical figure looks young and innocent. This costume also deliberately created that character is getting stronger," said Anna on the sidelines Konser Raya 22 Indosiar, recently.

As for Evi and Rani
costumes, Anna deliberately designed it with a burning red color blend with Balinese songket motifs in the waist and chest.

"This is make they look great formations," she said.

For Anna, designing costumes for artists has become routine jobs lately. Call it Hetty Koes Endang and Iis Sugianto routine as a judge in the DA

"It also became my way for popularizing songket as the unique fabric of Indonesia to all levels, both inside and outside the country," said this pioneer of Betawi songket fabric.

Anna remains,
Indonesia fabric weaving and songket should not allowed to be buried and extinct.

"Through their performances, young people will see how beautiful the
Indonesia original fabric," said the owner of the boutique Marsya House of Kebaya Batik, Songket Accessories.

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