When Incumbent Jakarta Governor Condemned by Agus and Anies

When Incumbent Jakarta Governor Condemned by Agus and Anies
Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) when show at Jakarta gubernatorial official debate, Friday (13/1) / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - The heat comes when Jakarta gubernatorial candidates, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono and Anies Baswedan condemned incumbent Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) for his eviction policy during the official debate on Friday (13/1).

Agus said that Ahok's eviction policy had created new poor people in the city. He said that such a policy would no longer exist if he was elected.

"I say that we will manage the city without conducting evictions. Evictions have increased urban poverty. The evictees lost everything, including their homes and jobs," Agus said.

But Agus-Sylvi instead also not 'attacked' by Ahok-Djarot. Through questions about Rp1 billion funds for each RW, incumbent faction also asked how the funds were to be RW managing the fund not potentially go to jail as a result of mismanagement.

Agus immediately respond to heat questions from Djarot. Agus said the program is not a strange thing in the world.

"If leader wants to help his people by the constitution but considered fools by people, I think it does have a heart," said Agus.

"We want to help those whose lives were difficult. In sinilai we help them with direct assistance and budget while highly scalable, Rp400 thousand a month, Rp5,000,000 million per year, Rp650 billion per year, there is nothing in the budget Jakarta is Rp70.1 trillion. So there is no program to divide the money," said Agus.
When Incumbent Jakarta Governor Condemned by Agus and Anies
Strong questions from Ahok-Djarot also addressed by Chief of Legal Team Agus-Sylvi, Didi Irawadi Syamsuddin. He sees it is 'attack' to the number one candidate.

He emphasized that the program is not a political form of money or money politics.

"Help Rp1 billion was not money politics. That future is a program that will be discussed with the parliament," said Didi when watching Jakarta governor candidate debate at Wisma Proclamation 41, Jakarta, Friday (13/1).

Didi admitted Rp1 billion assistance program offered Agus-Sylvi alleged money politics and had been reported to the Jakarta Election Supervisory (Bawaslu).

However, after he struggle for explains that program is not money politics, Bawaslu not give sanctions for Agus-Sylvi.

"I fight that this is a program, Thank God this is not a violation. In the future the program will not be disturbed again," he said.

Didi also viewed the delivery of Agus-Sylvi in this first debate has been quite satisfactory.

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