Inkraacht, Inul Vista Karaoke Violates Copyright

Inkraacht, Inul Vista Karaoke Violates Copyright
Board of Yayasan Karya Cipta Indonesia (KCI) when press confrence, Saturday (14/1)
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JAKARTA - Supreme Court (MA) through a decision by number Reg. 122 PK / Pdt. Sus-IP / 20/2015 decided PT. Vizta Pratama do violence of copyright and must pay a fine Rp.15.840.000.

On granting the petition for Review (PK), Yayasan Karya Cipta Indonesia (KCI) has a "permanent legal force" and is expected to become jurisprudence for similar businesses.

Explained by Chairman Board of Trustees KCI, Enteng T
anamal, efforts of KCI which mandated from composer since 2015 quite difficult and takes a long time.

In recent times on
first level Commercial Court in Makassar District Court, High Court (PT) and on appeal in the Supreme Court (MA), Inul win the appeal.

But persistent efforts continue to be made by KCI. Through the efforts of review, MA finally granted KCI lawsuit for copyright viol
ation, with use track with no permission which do by Inul Vizta Karaoke in Manado, signed on January 12, 2017.

"They can not just trade the song belongs to someone else. In this case, the composer as it relates to intellectual property rights are commendable. Not only karaoke, but also hotels, television, radio, malls, cafes and public spaces other commercial should abide by the rules about copyright and respect the creators," said Enteng in Jakarta, Saturday (14/1).

"The verdict is already inkraacht. If later KCI faced again with the same case, we will use this decision. And hopefully there is no problem anymore for the songwriter, so they can get their rights and their lives more prosperous," said Enteng.

To note, the case for the first time trial on the first level in the Commercial Court of Makassar in 2012. On appeal, Inul Vizta
lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, PT Vizta Pratama could win over this matter.

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