Stalled, Jokowi Said Waai Power Plant Faultly Design

Stalled, Jokowi Said Waai Power Plant Faultly Design
President Jokowi when directly see condition of construction of power plant in Waai village, Central Maluku district
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TULEHU - President Joko Widodo directly see condition of construction of power plant in Waai village, Salahutu subdistrict, Central Maluku district that has been stalled for six years.

On the sidelines of his visit, Jokowi said the power plant with a capacity of 2x15 megawatts (MW) was abandoned because of faulty design.

According to him, this
power plant should not take advantage from coal energy sources which difficult reached from the location. In fact, near the site there is a potential great geothermal. Geothermal energy resources are abundant in Tulehu which is also located in the District Salahutu, Central Maluku regency.

"Clearly, if you are here wearing a coal fuel is not right, should use geothermal because there is potential here. In Tulehu it there," said Jokowi on Thursday (2/9).

Jokowi admitted decided to visit the plant is after feel for a few hours
blackout during visit Ambon in the past two days.

"Last night I was a discussion with Chairman and members of Maluku and Ambon House Represent
ative (DPRD), I received complaints regarding electricity capacity is less. This morning we also feel dead (electrical) a few hours," said Jokowi.

He said the current electricity needs urgent conditions on the island of Ambon. However, construction of power plants in the region had stalled even six years.

"Therefore, this morning I decided to see what kind of condition if it could be continued but whether the legal process has been completed? I do not know, I'll check first," he said.

and Mineral Resources Minister, Ignatius Jonan, which accompany Jokowi, said the power plant project abandoned because there was no progress.

"Yes because it is not done. I think now it's a legal issue. It stalled from 2014," he said.

an will communicate with PLN to confirm the possibility of continuing the construction of the power plant Waai whose designs require coal energy. While coal resources away from that location. Jonan should add plants in Maluku islands as an independent concept using source-based energy sources local potential.

"Indonesia is an archipelagic country, there can be no national network. There can be, but is expensive and irrelevant. Therefore, each island should have its own independent power plants," he said.

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