KPU Asked Delay Election in Sarmi Regency

KPU Asked Delay Election in Sarmi Regency
Meshakh Manibor lawyer, Dulhaji Sangaji and Agustino at press confrence in Jakarta, Friday (10/2)
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JAKARTA - General Election Commission (KPU) and the government asked delay General Election in Sarmi regency, Papua. What causes these demands?

Alleged of syndication and political conspiracy in the form of agreement is made to drop the incumbent candidates, Mesakh Manibor become one of the trigger.

The case stems from charges of misappropriation of funds committed while serving Manibor when became Regent of Sarmi. But in the trial, the court has decided Manibor pure free. But prosecutors appeal against the sentence and is currently on appeal pending Supreme Court (MA) and there is no binding legal force from MA.

From this peculiarity of the KPU Sarmi decision begins. The Commission issued a Decree (SK) Results of Plenary Meeting which decided to cancel the nomination Meshach Manibor as candidates of Sarmi regent.

Meshakh Manibor lawyer, Dulhaji Sangaji and Agustino revealed a number of anomalies that have been violated by KPU Sarmi in setting the cancellation of Manibor candidacy.

"SK is decided based on the passage of MA letters, but to this day MA has not issued a legally binding decision to Meshach Manibor. Letter of excerpt from MA can not serve as the basis, cause the letter simply reads pending," said Meshakh Manibor, lawyer, Sangaji in Jakarta, Friday (10/2).

"KPU Sarmi act as though executing agencies that implement the Supreme Court's decision, while final decision not yet," he added.

He continued, when decree of KPU Sarmi out, Manibor legal team initiative to check, whether Supreme Court has given a final decision. And finally obtained an explanation if MA had never sent a Meshakh Manibor cassation decision results yet.

"Obviously KPU Sarmi has violated the rules and his decree could be deemed unlawful," said Sangaji.

It also requested the KPU Papua attention to products made law to publish the decision.

"Article 77.78, 79 is a chapter that is used for people who are unable to keep, such as death, can not do the job properly and did not mention about the convict, if convicted of a criminal act and could be a candidate for regent canceled, there is no mention." Sangaji said.

On the number of violations committed by the KPU Sarmi, the incumbent candidates, Meshakh Manibor asks the KPU and government to suspend General Election in Sarmi district.

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