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Facebook Suggested Opened Office in Indonesia

Facebook Suggested Opened Office in Indonesia
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JAKARTA - Indonesian government represented by Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo), Rudiantara receive Facebook team which led by Head of Global Content Policy, Monica Bickert.

The meeting was conducted both parties to discuss business processes, primarily related to efforts for control negative content more effectively and efficiently.

"It (the reduction of negative content) we ask improved, standardized, so we officially asked for it to be immediately responded, because we've done the name review," said General
Director of Application and Information Kemkominfo, Sumuel A Pangerapan in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/2).
Further Sumuel, on the occasion in the future
Facebook will be more responsive to the content that harm or threaten people, the safety of the country and violating the Act.

"For instance endanger person safety, there is a request (writing on the Facebook wall) eg hanging this man, no mob, that they will handle more serious and faster," he said.

As for content that violates the law, there will be a review team (the assessment).
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