Supervision The Election? Just Use Bawaslu Video Surveillance

Supervision The Election? Just Use Bawaslu Video Surveillance
Bawaslu Commisioner, Nasrullah while showing Bawaslu video surveillance
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JAKARTA - Today (15/2), Regional Election (Pilkada) officially held. Elections Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) called all elements of society to increase supervision on the movement of the vote for each candidate.

"Bawaslu launched video surveillance at the polling station to record visually the
large form C1 plano and the official report and certificate of counting in polling stations, even the results recap PPK and KPU Regency/City. Please watch without having to come directly to all polling stations that you want . Please download video surveillance Bawaslu on your PlayStore in mobile phone," said Bawaslu Commissioner, Nasrullah in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2).

Previously, the results of the monitoring on the H-2 vote, Bawaslu find there are still four major unresolved issue is handled ahead of elections Jakarta, February 15, 2017.

Bawaslu Commissioner, Daniel Zuchron call, four of these issues, the first concerning the use of Certificate in lieu of the electronic identity card (e-ID) that is not owned by the residents that have not registered on the voters list (DPT). In many areas Certificate is not recorded properly so that give rise to ambiguity in number and names of recipients.

"Anyone roster of voters who have been issued, and how they were distributed, we now own in some places has not received data which released Dukcapil," Daniel said in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/2).

Daniel continued, the issue of the Certificate is a serious concern. Because at the provincial level that gets recap Certificated is not yet fully got good data.

"Only the magnitude data only, but by name, by address yet," he continued.

The second issue according to Daniel,
is the provision of  C6 form (notification pick) were not carried out properly. Supervisory monitoring results in a number of areas, C6 granted without writing the name of the voter or some are given more than one.

"There was the official polling station officials who asked that residents put out e-ID in advance. If no, he does not want to share," he said.

Another issue is the unresolved political activity money is more intense. Modus encountered is the potential for the provision of money or goods to voters the way to the polling stations.

"The form can also be goods or services to be willing to vote for a candidate," said Daniel.

Recently, Daniel called the issue of the integrity of the election organizers officer who remains a concern. Because, in West Papua Supervisory Committee found  KPPS which distributes C6
form take advantage of successful team of candidates.

"The involvement of ASN in winning candidates through socmed, potential involvement in Aceh and intimidation by apparatus still a concern," added Daniel.

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