Febri being Luis Milla Nominator from Persib

Febri being Luis Milla Nominator from Persib
Febri Haryadi
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BANDUNG - Persib Bandung players that have potential to strengthen Indonesia National Team (Timnas) began to appear. Febri Hariyadi name reportedly entered four players who received special attention from coach, Luis Milla.

This was revealed from assistant coach, Bima Sakti when watching players of
two games in Group C, 2017 President's Cup. Bima who came with the goalkeeping coach Eduardo Perez did not directly mention name Febri, but the young midfielder signaled if the Persib young talent is quite clear.

"From Persib there prominent and always remember by coach Luis," Bima said in Bandung, recently.

From five retainer U-23 Persib Bandung in the Presidents Cup, Febri showed the most prominent. 20 years p
layer has high-flying hours since 2016 ISC, especially during second round.

It was strengthened because during two first match of Maung Bandung team with PSM Makassar and Persiba Balikpapan, just Febri the only young player untouched by
rotation of Djadjang Nurdjaman policy.

The ability of a player who has tremendous speed was increased when Persib meet Persiba at Si Jalak Harupat
Stadium, Sunday (12/2) night. He also scored one goal to win Maung Bandung 3-1.

Bima also recognizes, in addition to Febri, there are three other players who entered in a Luis Milla
special list.

"There are also players from Barito (Putera) and Bhayangkara," said Bima.

Separately, Persib Bandung
coach, Djadjang Nurdjaman assess Febri already feasible and worth defending U-22 national team.

"Yes, who else if not Febri. He is already feasible to reinforce the national team. As we know by his actions he was like when in the field. She is quite prominent and increasingly showing its fangs," said Djanur.

He hopes Febri still be consistent with what he have now. Even thought, not just the owner of number 13 who became the target of national team, Gian Zola and Henhen also have a chance to join the national team for the projection elected strengthen SEA Games and Asian Games.

"There is still the same Zola and Henhen, may be glimpsed as well. Although the most prominent Febri. But nothing is impossible," he concluded.
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