Agus Gracefully, Congrats to Ahok and Anies

Agus Gracefully, Congrats to Ahok and Anies
Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) when last Jakarta election campaign, recently / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Although Jakarta General Election Commission (KPU) has not set Jakarta gubernatorial election results, candidate number one Harimurti Agus Yudhoyono (AHY) has been tolerant with the defeat which he suffered.

In the
AHY Victory Post at Wisma Proklamasi, Jakarta, Agus said, as well as competitions, there must be winners and losers, there are ups and downs and it is a reality of life.
"During the campaign, I often refuse to talk about defeat. Because I have a principle of abstinence think losing that struggle has not ended," said Agus, Wednesday (15/2).

It is, said Agus because not want to drop the morale of
Agus-Sylvi volunteers and sympathizers.

"Now, as a knight gracefully, I accept defeat in Jakarta Gubernatorial Election. Me and Mrs Sylvi congratulate to candidate
number two Ahok-Djarot and candidate number three Anies-Sandy," said Agus.

The husband of the artist's Anissa Pohan said, had called directly Ahok and try to contact Anies and Sandy.

"I congratulated on the achievement of both of them. To Mr Anies-Sandy may not be connected because he still has activity," he said.

"Anyone who becomes governor I hope to be successful, could lead Jakarta could be fair and wise and loving toward people," he said.

Agus also thanked as well as the respect and appreciation to all of the Agus-Sylvi
winning team, volunteers, sympathizers and other parties who have worked hard to fight.

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