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Don't be Afraid to Dream and Share Your Height Dream

Dont be Afraid to Dream and Share Your Height Dream
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JAKARTA - Has a short body often lead to a sense of inferiority and the resulting dream to achieve goals was stuck.

Not only that, some professions set a certain height. Pilots, flight attendants, army, police until model requires a certain height.
"Research shows that the higher gets 20 percent
income more than a short person in same position. Research showed that ideal height providing various facilities in many ways," said Director of CV Orthopedi, Surtiono Darmanto when introducing Dare2Dream and Share The Dreams program in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2).

According to him, young people and parents need to carefully choose the tools or eat something to raise the body, because it can lead to harmful side effects.

Therefore, Orthopedi through this program invites people are not afraid dream to achieve dreams or ideals that had been hindered by the limited height.

A good exercise with equipment provided by Orthopedi, healthy lifestyle with a guide equipment proven which results is the best way, without side effects.
Dont be Afraid to Dream and Share Your Height Dream
In Dare2Dream program, young people can tell what Orthopedi and how big their dreams and how Orthopaedi can help them to achieve it. The stories can be send through website.

While in the Share Dreams
program, there will be a package of rebates to be given if invite friends to join the program Orthopedi.

"The more friends who invited the greater the pieces obtained. One transaction to purchase more than one package of Orthopedi," said Surtiono.

Based on his experience, from testimonies Orthopedi users throughout Indonesia, in three months to increase the height until 10-18 cm. Secure, and the results are permanent.

"Indonesia's Orthopedi has a tool called Vertebrate-Opener Apparatus and guide book which has existed since 1970 and proved to be able to help the children of Indonesia to add height," said Surtiono.

He explained, Vertebrate-Opener (VO) is fuction for apparatus for opening segments of the spine that stimulates growth hormone and has been through various trials by the inventor decades ago.

While the manual contains scientific explanations why the body is still able to grow over the age of growth and way of life and exercise therapy for the V-O Apparatus.

"All natural, no drugs, so there are no side effects," said Surtiono.