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Jakarta Election Claimed Free from Money Politics

Jakarta Election Claimed Free from Money Politics
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JAKARTA - Jakarta Election in 2017 claimed free from money politics. This was stated by Polda Metro Jaya.

"No one. If there was it certainly arrested by Hand
Operation Team (OTT) is already everywhere," said Jakarta Police Chief, Inspector General Police, Mochamad Iriawan in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2).

Iriawan said, OTT team for
money politics formations by Jakarta Police did not find the action of the distribution of money to select one candidate.

He also declared Jakarta elections not colored with mass mobilization. But he justifies if beating incident occurred at polling stations (TPS) 18 RW 07, North Petojo, Gambir, Central Jakarta.

"But that's not too big, not too exaggerated. That's just a sphere around the village," said Iriawan.

The incident began when supervising committee
officers rebuked the monitoring team of candidate Basuki Purnama Tjahaja-Djarot Syaiful Hidayat as wearing a plaid shirt who responded with angry reprimand causing a commotion.

The monitoring team was Andapotan Sinaga, a member of Jakarta Parliament from the PDIP. About five people dressed in a plaid shirt and struck RW board until injured.

These actions provoke other people who are around polling stations to avenge the beating five men. One hitter RW board persecuted by citizens should be hospitalized in Cikini Hospital, Central Jakarta because injured.

Separately, National Police Headquarters also mentions no disruption means in the conduct of elections in Jakarta, yesterday.

"Especially in Jakarta conducive. There are no barriers," said Chief of
Police Public Information Bureau, Public Relations Division, Brig Rikwanto at Police headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2).

Mentioned Rikwanto, public enthusiasm in the elections of Jakarta is quite high. Political dynamics have also outstanding.

Rikwanto to thank the community, religious leaders, and sympathizers of the regional head candidates who participated keep kondusivitas elections of Jakarta.

After escorting the course of voting, further Rikwanto, now the task of police is guarding the ballot boxes.
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