Boyfriend Suspect Murder of Kim Jong Nam Arrested

Boyfriend Suspect Murder of Kim Jong Nam Arrested
The second woman (wearing yellow top) suspected of involvement in the apparent assassination of Kim Jong Nam / Reuters
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KUALA LUMPUR - Two more suspects have been arrested in connection with the death of Kim Jong-nam, the brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in Malaysia.

A female Indonesian suspect and a Malaysian man thought to be her boyfriend were both detained on Thursday. A woman travelling on a Vietnamese passport has also been detained.

Kim died on Monday after apparently being poisoned while waiting to board a flight in Kuala Lumpur. Police say they have now finished their post-mortem examination, though the results have not yet been made public. The two female suspects have been remanded in custody for seven days.

The inspector general of the Royal Malaysia police, Sri Khalid Bin Abu Bakar, said the second woman was detained on Thursday over the death of "a Korean male". She was identified from airport CCTV footage and had an Indonesian passport.

"He was detained to facilitate investigations as he is the boyfriend of the second suspect," said Abu Samah Mat, the police chief in Selangor state, told Reuters.

The Indonesian woman was remanded in custody for seven days along with another woman, who held a Vietnamese travel document, who was caught trying to leave the country through the budget airline terminal of Kuala Lumpur airport on Wednesday, the Bernama state news agency reported.

Malaysian Deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi formally confirmed on Thursday that the dead man, who was travelling under the name Kim Chol, was Kim Jong-nam, according to state news agency Bernama. There is widespread speculation that North Korea was behind the killing, but there has been no proof.
Meanwhile, Indonesian Foreign Ministry confirmed, the alleged perpetrator of murder of Kim Jong-nam is an Indonesian citizen (WNI). Certainty is obtained after the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia match the data in the passport offender with existing data in the embassy system.

"Embassy has been verified and based on the data while in the embassy, the woman status is the citizen," said Director of the Citizens
Protection and Indonesia Legal Entities (PWNI-BHI),  Lalu Muhammad Iqbal in Jakarta, Thursday (16/2).

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