See International Condom Day 2017 at Pangandaran

See International Condom Day 2017 at Pangandaran
Vice Regent of Pangandaran, Adang Hadari when attending in International Condom Day at Pangandaran, Tuesday (14/2)
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PANGANDARAN - As part of prevention of HIV/AIDS and condom campaign, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (HF) together with all local NGO partners as the campaign organizer; Yayasan Matahati pangandaran, Perkumpulan Setia Indonesia Indramayu, Yayasan Resik Purwakarta, Yayasan LAYAK Jakarta and Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (PKBI) DKI Jakarta held 2017 International Condom Day at Pangandaran district.

The campaign was celebrate globally by AHF in more than 35 country. Sex worker and client are the campaign target group priority and educated as well.

In themed “Always in Fashion”,  AHF conveys and reminds us the importance of condoms and that they are still the best choice in preventing and protecting yourself from STD’s & HIV/AIDS. The message was delivered by traditional culture and local art approach to increasing HIV/AIDS public awareness

H Adang Hadari as Pangandaran vice regent quote “to decrease and prevent HIV/AIDS transmission among community and society, condom use is the best choice to protect yourself”
See International Condom Day 2017 at Pangandaran
“Condom is not only works as a contraceptive strategy but also it is effective way to prevent HIV/AIDS. This is very important information to share and distributed” in his mentioned. Adang knows well that the condom is very sensitive issues and taboo to discuss among society. Not all people could understand and agree with the condom strategy,” he said.

“On behalf of Pangandaran government, he would like to start concern and prevent HIV/AIDS together with everyone else in the district. Adang commit to support HIV/AIDS program and promote prevention and save more live with condom use campaign for each sex risk behavior. Government are not allowed people to do free sex and adultery officially as the regulation. We should do the correct action and promote to the key population only” Adang add his statement.

As Ministry of Health reported, 219.036 HIV cases was found cumulatively since 1987 with 82.968 AIDS cases. Risky sexual behavior among heterosexuals has a high number contribution to HIV AIDS cases cumulatively (66 percent).

In 2016, Ministry of Health reported that DKI Jakarta is the first higher province with HIV cases (43.738) and East Java (28.979), Papua (23.450), West Java (21.282) and Central Java (15.710).  whereas the higher province with AIDS cases is East Java (16.432), Papua (13.335), DKI Jakarta (8.190), Bali (6.305) Central Java (5.611) and West Java (4.936)

More than 100 people were involved as organizer in the event including partners, healthcare services, volunteers, peer leader, and government. HIV/AIDS education and campaign were conducted by traditional culture approach; Ronggeng, Calung, and Jaipong dance. Local Government and the institution are below were supported the event and joined together with the campaign organizer and collaborate with the primary organizer. More than 800 participant get HIV tested.

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