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When No Fighting Scene in Silat Movie

When No Fighting Scene in Silat Movie
Surau dan Silek movie
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BUKITTINGGGI - Soon, 'Silek dan Surau' movie which tells the local knowledge of Minangkabau traditional culture, West Sumatra will appear in theaters across Indonesia from April 2017. This film will explore contents of traditional culture and natural landscape of West Sumatra.

"Insha Allah, this film
release in nationwide," says director of 'Silek and Surau', Arif Malinmudo in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra on Friday (17/2).

This film tells the story of three young children who saw winning a game until then studied martial arts at a
village young man named Rustam.

But in halfway, Rustam should go. So, the three children became disoriented and had to look for a replacement martial arts teacher. This is where they begin to understand the philosophy of martial arts.

"Even entitled silat but in fact the film is a children's drama. So there will not be found the fight scenes," says Arif.
When No Fighting Scene in Silat Movie
He said, portion of the use Minang language in the film is quite large, about 80 percent. Not only that, main actor of this movie original from Minang.

"In our story also brings original content from Minang, not only the story but also the context of the problem, although in currently, surau generation not popular as before," he explained.

Head of Bukittinggi Culture and Tourism, Abra Melfi added, in terms of themes and story of this film holds high philosophical values that serve as a lesson for younger generation.

"Now it is rarely found children who study and get an education at the surau. With this film, expected to return reawakened to education in surau," Melfi said.