Ellyas Pical Struggling Against Heart Attack

Ellyas Pical Struggling Against Heart Attack
Ellyas Pical
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JAKARTA - Long time no see, Indonesia legendary boxer, Ellyas Pical being treated at hospital because of a heart attack.

"Ellyas Pical hospitalized for a heart attack. I have also been to visit when it was handled in one of the houses in Serpong, Tangerang," said Head of Development of Science, Technology and Health National Sport (PP ITKON), Edi Nurinda in Jakarta, Friday (17/2).

According to him, Pical in a conscious and can still be exchanged during visited, even in a weak condition. He added that the boxer must immediately get serious treatment.

According to information obtained, Pical complained of pain on Tuesday (14/2). But only taken to hospital at two days later to hospital in the Serpong area.

"But at the initiative of the family, his care was transferred to the Harapan Kita
hospital. At around 13:00 pm last been moved," said this former manager of U-23 national team.

Edi hope handling of one of the best athletes that Indonesia can be done quickly, in view of the illness boxer from Saparua is high risk.

Today it also continues to coordinate with all parties including the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), a former national boxer who has the name of nation in the international arena was served.

"Communication with doctors in KONI also continue to do. In fact, there are direct to the Harapan Kita
hospital. Clearly, Pical is now in the handling," said Edi.

As is known, Ellyas Pical is Indonesian boxer which achieve the title of world champion IBF junior bantam weight in 1985. The title is achieved by defeating boxer from Korea, Chun Ju-do. His world title loosed two years later after losing from Thailand b
oxer, Khaosai Galaxy.

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