Cinnamon Extract Can Reduce Diabetes Problem

Cinnamon Extract Can Reduce Diabetes Problem
Cinnamon sticks and powder
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JAKARTA - Diabetes often become a disease that's feared this day. Now, diabetes can be prevented at an early stage through the consumption from herbal intake of cinnamon.

Actually, what the ingredients in cinnamon are useful to prevent diabetes?

"In cinnamon contains natural ingredients Cinnamaldehyde," said herbalist, Dr. Abrijanto SB in Jakarta, recently.

He explained, cinnamon bark contains 65 to 80 percent Cinnamldehyde. While the content of its eugenol is 5 to 10 percent. In cinnamon leaf, Cinnamldehyde content is 1 to 5 percent, while its Eugenol between 70 to 95 percent.

"The study found cinnamon potentially can reduce the absorption of glucose after meals to inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Another potential is to inhibit the solving of sugar, as well as improving the circulation of insulin," he said in a discussion of Herbana, brand herbal supplements latest of PT Deltomed Laboratories ,

Eugenol in cinnamon also showed antioxidant activity. The research also showed cinnamon has anti-microbial effect against some types of bacteria.

Although cinnamon has a number of benefits, Abrijanto warned not to consume excessively. Because of some people, excessive doses of cinnamon can cause liver problems, especially if the previous concerned had a problem with his heart.

According to him, to avoid excessive should eat cinnamon that has been processed, so well known rule of life.

He added that leading a healthy life today is not easy. With a super-dense activity, people barely have time to spare in order to maintain health. As a solution, Herbana seeks to provide alternative herbal products Relief Sari serving as a supplement using advanced technology, Quandra Extraction System.

"With this technology, in addition to the herbal extract is very good, but also keep hygienic and free from contamination," said Abrijanto.
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