Woww.. This Singer Not Disinclined to Hugging Crocodile

Woww.. This Singer Not Disinclined to Hugging Crocodile
Gynna 'Pilkada' when hugging her baby crocodile
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JAKARTA - Secretly, this dangdut singer has an unusual hobby. The singer of 'Pilkada' song liked the wild reptiles.

As recorded in
photos on her Facebook (FB) accounts, Gynna seemed hug a baby crocodile. At first glance, Gynna like hugging a doll. But apparently, she hugging a genuine baby crocodile.

These photos became viral on social media. Many netizen think if she have no idea with so
reckless like that. But that's Gynna, which like and love wild animals.

"Treat animals as possible, we should treat like treat ourselves. Let us to not hurt the animal, because animals are living beings just like us who want to be affectionate," said Gynna related her picture.

She also told if in some stage of his offair show in some cities, she performed with a Cobra snake. Gynna admitted to not worry about the risks that may occur as a dangdut singer Irma Bule who become victims of Cobra on stage.

also occurred me to continue Irma Bule performed," said girl from Cirebon who became known through the 'Bintang Pantura' show.

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