SMEs Funding Solutions, This Platform's Can be The Answer

SMEs Funding Solutions, This Platforms Can be The Answer
Representative of Crowdo Indonesia, Cally Alexandra
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JAKARTA - Aiming to connect Indonesia Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to obtain funding from global investment community, Crowdo, one platform Peer to Business (P2B), the largest and fastest growing in Southeast Asia launched their mobile applications 'Crowdo Connect'.

The mobile application is now available on Google PlayStore in 140 different countries.

"Now investors around the world to help finance the growth of SMEs in Indonesia just a few clicks away. Indonesian SMEs can benefit from additional sources of capital to help them finance the next growth phase The aim is to process SMEs loans ranging Rp1 billion to Rp2 billion in just a few hours," said representative of Crowdo Indonesia, Cally Alexandra in Jakarta, recently.

There are more than 60 million SMEs in Indonesia and according to a study by Bank Indonesia (BI) is more than 60 percent not handled or underserved by conventional financial institutions such as banks.

"Solutions such as P2B loans intended to supplement the financial products and services that exist, so that SMEs have a more efficient way, quickly and transparently to get funding," she continued.

Crowdo describe differently platform by utilizing the latest technology available to make the process of financing and investment of end-to-end were as efficient, transparent and as smart as possible.

Crowdo also uses machine learning and predictive analytics that their risk assessment process more innovative and resilient, as well as offering a smart investment to the investor dashboard so they can track the return of interest and exposure in real time.
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