Abandoned, This Young Garuda Finally be Security Guard

Abandoned, This Young Garuda Finally be Security Guard
Fachri Firmansyah
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SURABAYA - The fate of a person can not predicted. Humans may be attempted, but God disposes. Similarly to what was experienced Fachri Firmansyah, former member of the U-19 National Team, which was said to have a bright future career. But unfortunately, fate then another said.

Fachri football career did not last long. Leg injury of boy graduates from SMK Negeri 7 Surabaya made his dream vanished in the middle of the road. The melancholy event occurred when Cotif tournament, Valencia in 2014 and Fachi together with U-21 national team.

The Fachri injury was arguably a disaster, because it makes it really sinking. Not only forgotten, he suffered a deep trauma. Recent photos latest Fachri really netizens shock. He was wearing the uniform of a Security Unit (Satpam).
Previously, Fachri is a talented young player. At dozen years age, he has entered 30 players who had the opportunity to appear coach Indra Sjafri as networking program U-19 national team ahead of AFF Cup.

His sporting career so brilliantly. After the event, he joined U-21 Sriwijaya FC club. The stout-built figure had become the pride of Indonesia because of his talent.

Fachri name a representative who strengthen Garuda COTIF Cup in Spain. And sadness begins. In the middle of the game, he suffered a cruciate ligament injury when the national team defeated Levante.

The leg injury begins when Levante player stepped on the Fachri foot. He immediately collapsed, helpless. Until now, the video where getting injured still kept. Since the incidence in 2014 ago, Fachri can not return to the field as a result of the severe injuries.

Got injured while struggling to defend Garuda, Fachri had hoped he would get the attention from PSSI. Unfortunately, hope for a quick recovery from his injuries only limited hope. About two months of waiting for treatment, never get what his expect.

He neglected, unnoticed. In fact, every day he just ate and slept in the mess. He also urged that immediate surgery. Although he was operated on, but until now, still leaving pain on his injured leg.

After surgery, Fachri back to his hometown, Surabaya. In that town, Fachri undergoing treatment at their own budget. He sought therapy for his injuries. Hoping to heal, he took out Rp200 thousand for one therapy.
He also continued to do therapy until exhausted his life savings. But saddness, all loose hands. Only coach Rudy Keltjes ever contacted by phone to say hello. While others, never at all.

Once fully cease to be a football player as a result of his injuries, Fachri been severely depressed. Indeed, everyone in Fachri position would feel the same way. At least, for a year after leaving the field, the young man felt his resurrection. Almost every night he shed tears because of stress with the condition which did not improve. He also admitted to trauma play football again.

Moreover, no attention was directed at him. Parties that once had defended desperately like close your eyes, ears and hearts. Until finally, Fachri decided to rise from adversity. He opened a new chapter to apply for a job as a security guard. With an income of Rp50 thousand per day, and Fachri say, "Thank God."

Fachri melancholy story might be part of a test of life had to face. As a young man, Fachri including an inspirational figure. Although buffeted by trials that are so heavy, he managed to get up and find another way to make a living. Hopefully someday Fachri get another success.

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