There're Alleged of Money Laundering in Jakarta Police?

Therere Alleged of Money Laundering in Jakarta Police?
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JAKARTA - Union of Indonesian Muslim Student Action (KAMMI) Jakarta urgently Police Chief, General Tito Karnavian investigate allegations of Money Laundering (TPPU) who doing in Jakarta Police (Polda Metro Jaya).

"KAMMI urged Jakarta police chief immediately investigate cases of alleged money laundering committed high government officials in Polda Metro Jaya", said Chairman of the Regional Board KAMMI Jakarta, Ahmad Najmu Fuadi in Jakarta, Sunday (12/3).

"Indications of alleged money laundering carried out with the mode of concealment of the origin of property and money, as well as undercover with mode of deposit and borrowing someone else's name," said Ahmad.

In his statement, Ahmad said, to help create a clean government and free of corruption, KAMMI Jakarta committed and participate and oversee the functioning of the rule clean corresponding ideals of leadership and people of Indonesia.

"We, as the youth of
KAMMI Jakarta, is guarding good and clean government. Our spirit in guarding this government, as well as the commitment of our country's leader, President Joko Widodo against anyone who commits a crime of corruption must be processed legally complete," said Ahmad.
Therere Alleged of Money Laundering in Jakarta Police?
KAMMI Jakarta
also plans to conduct demonstrations on February 14, 2017 in front of the National Police Headquarters with a mass of 500 people.

"KAMMI Jakarta hoped, would be met with National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian in action later," he added.

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