PKB Jakarta Conclude Now is Slander Era

PKB Jakarta Conclude Now is Slander Era
Halaqoh Ulama Rakyat event held by DPW PKB DKI Jakarta, recently
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JAKARTA - The seeds of radicalism based on religion make the National Awakening Party (PKB) held Halaqoh Ulama Rakyat in every region. No exception for Regional Board (DPW) PKB Jakarta.

Halaqoh Ulama Rakyat or scholars meeting is an attempt PKB in requesting the opinion of the scholars associated with the development of the situation that occurred recently.

"In the past late, KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) in 2006 sparked the Majelis Silaturrahmi Ulama Rakyat (Masura.) Because we is ahlussunnah wal Jamaah
scholars and direct contact with the public," said Chairman of DPW PKB Jakarta, Hasbiallah Ilyas in  Halaqoh Ulama Rakyat event in Jakarta, Saturday (11/3).

For Hasbi, this friendship is a step approach to the board against the clergy. Due to the current conditions similar to the conditions in 1955, similar to the conditions at the time of the war Sayyidina Ali bin Abu Talib RA. Even if you even further, such as by pre Hudaybiyah.

"With the political atmosphere like this, DPW PKB Jakarta conclude, today we face the slander era," he explained.

He also said the group claiming to be ahlussunnah, but did hint as citizens nadhliyin form of religious activities such as birthday of the prophet Muhammad
and tahlil

"There is a claim ahlussunnah, but they are hostile to us. Some are doing rituals ahlussunnah such as birthday, tahlil and others only if you want the elections, but had not previously been," he said.

Furthermore, continued Hasbi, to face a second round of elections Jakarta, it would hold a special meeting with clerics to ask for opinions. The opinion was based on the history of NU backwards in the fight against radicalism.

"We ask the opinion of scholars. Whatever the shape, PKB against radicalism in Indonesia," he said.

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