Demonstrate Money Laundring Supposition, KAMMI Jakarta Requested Dismiss

Demonstrate Money Laundring Supposition, KAMMI Jakarta Requested Dismiss
Mass negotiation efforts from KAMMI Jakarta with police when held a demonstration in front of Police Headquarters, Jakarta
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JAKARTA - Plan of Regional Management (PW) Union of Indonesian Muslim Student Action (KAMMI) Jakarta held a demonstration in front of the National Police Headquarters on Tuesday (14/3) was granted by police.

In this action, KAMMI Jakarta had been due to deliver urging National Police Chief, Gen. Tito Karnavian to investigate alleged cases of Money Laundering (TPPU) involving an official at Jakarta Police.

Chairman of PW KAMMI Jakarta, Ahmad Najmu states, according to a report  Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI) on February 11, 2017 to the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters, KPK and AGO relevant officials in Polda Metro Jaya who allegedly hid their wealth in Tegal, Central Java.

"From the report of MAKI, indicated a person identified as Inspector General MI have assets worth Rp80 billion and entrusted to an unemployed resident SUB initials in Tegal, Central Java," said Najmu.

In a brief speech,
Najmu urged police chief immediately investigate alleged cases of money laundering involving officials of Jakarta Police.

Chief should immediately investigate reports that had come in, because it relates to subordinates indicted for money laundering. These actions clearly violate the law, so it must be dealt with firmly," said Najmu.

Chairman of PD KAMMI East Jakarta, Jimmy Julian
added , Police Chief  asked to open a transparent manner indicative of money laundring cases involving Jakarta Police officials.

"This alleged money laundering case must soon be revealed," he said.

After negotiation efforts, mass of KAMMI Jakarta asked to leave the demo
area. Kebayoran Baru police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Teguh Wibowo called this demonstration not have permission.

Finally, the crowd was dispersed by a long march towards Al Azhar mosque with direct escort of the police chief and officials.

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