How Can Essien Became a Role Model for Indonesian Players?

How Can Essien Became a Role Model for Indonesian Players?
Michael Essien when introduced to the media at PT Persib Bandung Bermartabat (PBB) office, Graha Persib, Bandung, West Java on Tuesday (14/3) / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Dispelling doubts on process of hiring Michael Essien which impressed impromptu and without enough a long groove as usual recruitment of other foreign players, former Marketing Director of PT Persib Bandung Bermartabat (PBB), Muhammad Farhan said if the process is done by Persib Bandung management has been through the long process enough and through a variety of serious consideration.

"The process since February 20, 2017. Ahead league
rolling, we are open communication between football industry. A variety of names out, and one of them Essien. After the name Essien out, initially we also feel it's possible, from which the funds? it's so expensive. But after we seriously analysis, there are many benefits that we can take," Farhan said in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/3).

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Explained by presenter who
also participated in Essien recruitment process, in the age of 34 years, Essien for the Indonesia league still quite productive.

"After investigation, he is midfilder which able to attack. And there are at least three benefits for Persib and for
Indonesia football industry in particular.

"With Essien arrived, Persib and Indonesia entered to international media. We just wait his prove until next year whether Essien could be a role model for the Indonesi
an players. Thus profesionlisme of world-class players, standard of physical and world-class engineering," explained the man who is now a manage Radio Bobotoh Persib Bandung.

Related reason why
Essien not testing skills by coaching staff, Farhan call if for funds expended as much as it was, the test has a lot of long, not only in Indonesia.

Farhan also disscus with President of PT PBB, Glenn Sugita about Persib step signing this former Chelsea pl
ayer. Even Essien purchase also be debated because the club need an striker before.

From the results of the discussion, Sugita, said Farhan, replied that an striker needed sustenance quality midfielders and it was owned by Essien.

"The decision from Essien ready to stay in Bandung or playing in Indonesia as well become problem itself if Persib recruit him. Because Bandung is a really new for Essien which used to playing in Europe. But in reality, Essien agreed to join Persib after feeling fit with the atmosphere of Bandung," Farhan concluded.
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