Fixed PT Dirgantara Indonesia Management

Fixed PT Dirgantara Indonesia Management
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JAKARTA - Management of Strategic Industry SOEs must be addressed to ensure readiness to meet the needs of defense equipment, especially foreign orders, including three military dimension.

This appropriation is also one of them included in PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero).

"All Strategic Industries
SOEs, including PT Dirgantara Indonesia should be encouraged to reorganize management, technology, human resources so as to increase production capacity to meet demand for defense equipment in a timely manner," said a member of Commission I  House of Representatives, Andreas Hugo Pereira in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/3).

According to Andreas, from the aspect of defense, PTDI and other Strategic Industries
SOEs should be able to meet the Navy, Air Force and Army weaponry equipment, because the state can not break defense in keeping of NKRI.

"The army can not break out in keeping this region. Therefore, we should be able production (defense equipment) itself. If it can not,  Air Force was forced to look elsewhere to meet their needs," he said.

In addition to improving various aspects, PT DI expected to not only supplying the needs of the military defense equipment, but also at the economic benefit from the sale of production at home and abroad.

"We must have a strong desire to no longer depend on foreign defense equipment manufacturers," he said.

Previously, a number of the highlights of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) associated with delay deliveries of aircraft orders from several countries that lead the company to a fine of about Rp222,56 billion.

For this
delay problem, Andreas saw PT DI can not always have to pay the delay on foreign parties can not meet the schedule due to the needs of the user. And the solution, he said, best on-time in order fulfillment.

"In this case, Air Force is user. They need to correspond with the time and accuracy of space needs. Therefore, this is only possible if there are synergistic coordination. Here lies the synergy SOE coordination between users and producers," he said.
Fixed PT Dirgantara Indonesia Management
In response to the above delay, Deputy Mining, Strategic Industry and Media, Ministry of SOEs, Fajar Harry Sampurno said that the delay in delivery occurred in 1998 to 2008.

"The delay is due to the procurement of components and aircraft engines that came too late. So it is not entirely fault of PT DI," he said.

He added that there is a helicopter orders from three countries, including Philippines and Thailand were late delvered. But the fines could not have happened, if between PT DI with the buyer to negotiate, so that no one feels aggrieved.

To anticipate that issue of delay is no longer happened, Harry said, PT DI
management should make planning a long-term contract within five years among the others.

"Companies can purchase advance aircraft engines are expected to be ordered operators in the multi-year contract," he said.
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