Enabled Potential Travel Destination Nearby Middle East Tourist Pocket

Enabled Potential Travel Destination Nearby Middle East Tourist Pocket
Olympic Renotel Hotel, one member of Topotel Hotels & Resorts
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BOGOR - Visits of tourists from the Middle East to Indonesia after arrival of King Salman is expected to become more open. And hotel as the provider of accommodation services demanded increasingly prepared. Including hotels around Bogor and Puncak, which incidentally has always been pockets of tourist arrivals from the Middle East.
Related to this, Yonto Wongso, CO-Founder & CEO Topotels Hotels & Resorts said Indonesia has actually ready to receive tourist arrivals from Middle East since last year.

"There has been a tourist kosher destination event where Lombok one of them was elected. The hotel, has also been selected as one of the kosher," said Yonto.

In this year, Topotels Hotels & Resorts will further strengthen its position in order to achieve the vision of the company as one of the leading operators in Indonesia, as well as in ASEAN.

"This year, Indonesia is targeting foreign tourists visit as many as 15 million and 265 million local, Topotels Hotels & Resorts will participate to be part in developing the tourism potential of this particular increase the hotel chain managed aggressively, we are targeting a minimum of 60 hotels operating under the network Topotels in 2020," said Yonto.
Enabled Potential Travel Destination Nearby Middle East Tourist Pocket
Added, Ren Tobing, Co-Founder & CCO Topotels Hotels & Resorts more, tourists from the Middle East until now ranks second in the 'spend money' in Indonesia, under the tourists from Germany.

"Even though the rooms we have only 100 or 200, if there is an increase in tourists from emerging markets such as the Middle East, we would welcome. So, little volume would slide to accept greater value. In addition to increasing revenue, both in the hotel and the economy around," said Ren.

Connecting to the above, the potential of tourism in the area around the Middle East tourist arrivals could also come up. The hotel can play an active role in promoting the tourist attractions around the hotel.
"For example in Sentul, could've made tour packages to travel around the region such as Bogor Botanical Gardens, for example. I think many will be interested because they definitely want to interesting places and are not found in their country. They're looking for is no river flowing, green ambience and can be picking fruits. Where else could it be obtained if not around Bogor and Puncak," said Honorary Advisor to the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), Indroyono Susilo.

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