South Pacific Countries Ask Support Indonesian Sovereignty

South Pacific Countries Ask Support Indonesian Sovereignty
Indonesia Defence Minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu with Australia Defence Minister Marise Payne in Defence Ministers Meeting forums
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SYDNEY - Indonesian Defence Minister and Minister for Defence reunited in Defence Ministers' Meeting forums which is the second regular meeting of the Minister of Defense each year. The meeting was held March 16, 2017 at Fleet Base East Garden Island, Sydney, Australia.

In this meeting, comes from the Indonesian Minister of Defence of Indonesia, Ryamizard Ryacudu, TNI chief, Director General of Defense Strategy Ministry of Defense, the Director D Bais TNI and Indonesian Defense Attache in Canberra. While from the present Australia Defence Minister Marise Payne, Secretary General of the Department of Defence and the Australian Armed Forces.

In release received Sindonews, at this meeting, the Ministers of Defence have discussed bilateral cooperation and regional security dynamics. The discussions in the bilateral cooperation include maritime cooperation, defense industrial cooperation and cooperation in science and technology.

In the discussion on security dynamics in the South Pacific region, Minister of Defense communicating progress of bilateral defense relations between Indonesia and the Republic of Fiji and hopes that Australia in order to encourage countries in the South Pacific region in support of the sovereignty of Indonesia.

oth Defense Minister exchanged views on the security in the South Pacific. Indonesia and Australia work plan within the framework of ADMM Plus field of peace operations as well as issues regarding the US presence in the territory of Australia," said Ryamizard.

Defence Minister,
Ryamizard Ryacudu expressed happiness over the resumption of military cooperation between the two countries.

"Our appreciation of Australian settlement related incidents at Australia
language school in November 2016 and which resulted in the cessation of military cooperation between Indonesian Army and the Australian Armed Forces for approximately two months," said Ryamizard Ryacudu.

On the agenda of the maritime security cooperation, Defense Minister Natalegawa conveyed Indonesian maritime policy associated with the World Maritime Axis, Indonesia's role in IORA as well as provide information about the development of trilateral cooperation in the Sulu Sea.

In the field of defense industry Defence Minister expressed KKIP role in the procurement of foreign and progress on the implementation of the grant and the purchase of C-130 Hercules aircraft from the Australian Government. Whereas cooperation in the field of science and technology, the Defense RI convey some of Indonesia's efforts related to cyber security in defense environments.

While in the field of cooperation between ASEAN Defence Ministerial Meeting Plus (ADMM Plus), the Defense RI back to encourage increased cooperation between Indonesia and Australia in the Working Group on Peacekeeping Operations for the period 2017-2020.

In this session, Minister of Defense General also provides feedback about the presence of the Marines and the US Air Force in the region and hope that the US presence in the northern region of Australia can make a positive contribution to efforts in the Asia Pacific region to maintain a stable and peaceful.

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